Do you really NEED a web site? Only you can answer that question. But here are a few reasons why you might need a web site:

Get rich
No, the Internet is NOT paved with gold, but it is possible to make a profit on the Internet. Mostly it is through online sales of merchandise or (occasional) information. Before you enter this arena, do some research. Is there a market for your product or information? Is your product something you CAN sell online? How will you deliver your product? Many businesses have made a profit online, many others have tried, and failed. Web Designers of Middlebury believes in the power of the Internet. Most of our clients who are selling on the Internet are making a profit. With a combined efforts of Design and Promotion, anything is possible

Promote your products
Maybe your product can't logically be sold online, but you do want people to know that you HAVE a product. Many businesses provide information about the products they are selling from a physical store.

Create sales
Even if you are might not be selling online, you can create additional sales. Many people prefer to walk into a physical store to purchase items. If you provide information online about your products, and directions to your store, hours and phone numbers, you could increase the foot traffic.

Promote idea, hobby etc.
Many you're not out to make money, but you are passionate about an idea, a hobby or even a political opinion. You can share this with millions of people.

Sell information
Do you have information to share? You can certainly sell that information. Whether you provide an electronic copy, or provide access to a "members only" section of your web site, information can be a valuable commodity.

Take orders
If you are going to sell, then you need to be able to take orders, and accept money.

Provide samples
You can provide electronic samples of your product. If it's software, you can provide a "lite" version. A book could provide a chapter or two. Even accept mailing addresses to provide "free samples"

Provide information about your organization
Who are you? You can provide information about your organization, your goals, your history. Anything that a prospective customer would like to know about your company.

Provide support or service to existing customer
Already made the sale? You can provide support to existing customers. Electronic/PDF copies of your manuals. Are you constantly answering the same questions over and over? A Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page can almost eliminate those time consuming phone calls.

I want a Web Presence
There is nothing wrong is simply wanting a Web Presence. Create a catchy domain name, put it on your business cards and all of your advertising. Setup a small site that provides contact information and see what happens. If you name is catchy enough, and people see it enough, when they need your service, they will go to your site. This type of web site is commonly called a "Business Card Web Site". It works the same as handing out your card to everyone you meet.

Now that you've decided that you need a web site, you'll need to work with someone to host, design, create, promote and maintain your site. This should NOT be the biggest expense for your organization. Explore our site for the affordable services we provide.

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